Why Are Alligator Bags So Expensive?

When you discuss exotic bags, only one leather bag comes in mind and that is American alligator skin bag. The alligators are always will remain as the first choice of royals and celebrities. The alligator skin is considered as the world’s expensive and strongest leather as compared to other leather types. Many big fashion houses harvest alligators in their forms. The alligator leather bags are also available online and many famous brands sell them. The final look of the exotic bag is very luxurious and classy that is why people use these bags as a symbol of pride. It is very important to keep the bag safe from dust and water. Many instructions have come along with the bags and also a single bag, in which you have to put back the bag.

OURRUO alligator bag

OURRUO alligator bag

The reason for the expensiveness of alligator bags:

1. The leather is costly stuff:

The difference between crocodile skin and alligator skin is not much. Alligators are slightly shorter as compare to an average crocodile. If you check any kind of leather, you will realize that almost all kind of leathers is expensive. The original skin leathers are always exotic because they come directly from animal skin. When you visit the market to buy any leather bag, from cow leather to exotic alligator bags all kind of bags are available but you will see the price level. The leather is costly stuff because of original animal skins. Many hunters caught these alligators from all around the world and sell them to different fashion houses. Then the final procedure will start, in which professional designers manufacture the final product.

2. Specific skin pattern:

These bags are very famous worldwide and people are ready to pay for it because of the unique skin type. Their skin is very strong and hard because of bony plates that are under the skin. The patterns of the skins are divided into many sections so that is why you can easily identify it. The bony skin is not useable for any production that is why a little skin is taken for exotic bag range.

The alligator has large and big blocked pattern on the upper skin but the side skin that is attached with the skin has slightly short patterns. This is the main area that is used in production. The bony part is not useable.

3. Long-lasting skin:

The moist and hard skin of the alligator makes the best and long lasting bags. The reason for the reliability of this is because of the hardness and manufacturing of the bags. The direct encounter with water and direct sunlight may harm the upper skin of the bag. That is why, fashion houses gives the instruction paper with the bags, in which all detail of use and how to keep these bags for a long time is written. So, you can understand the instruction of its use and keeping. With proper care, these bags can be last from generations to generations.

4. Manufacturing cost is high:

It is not easy to produce an alligator bag. It takes a long time, money and hard work. Fashion houses buy the skin of the alligators and then bring it to the production secession. Some big brands brought up the alligators in their private forms and get the pure skin of the alligator for a fine leather product. From birth to final production, the food, workers and the whole procedure required millions of dollars. This could be a reason of expensiveness of the alligator leather bags.

genuine alligator bag

genuine alligator bag

5. Celebrities make it an expensive brand:

The celebrities and royal families are using these bags on many occasions that are another reason for the high price of these bags. People use to follow their favorite celebrities and try to get these things, which they wear and use in any place. So, these things made a style statement of these particular stars that is why the prices go up but still people want these products at any cost.

6. Style statement:

These bags have become a style statement. These luxurious bags are affordable for an average person. The people who have alligator skin bags assume that they are very classy and upper from other people. The alligator bags have now become trendy. The copy of the alligator leather skin is also available in the market because of high demand. Now, one can buy the bags of different colors and pattern is easily available.

7. The designers charged a lot:

The manufacturing the alligator leather is not easy. For that purpose, a special team will hire by the company to transform a simple skin into an exotic and luxurious bag. These designers are specially trained by the professional. They all are passed several courses that are used in full procedure. From a single cutting to final stitching, all things and tasks are included in the full course. After getting the certification, they are able to make a single bag and that is why they charge more than the average designer gets form simple clothing.

8. American alligator:

American alligators are most famous and expensive species among all other. The specific species of the alligator is found in freshwater and they have a very beautiful and unique pattern. But now these alligators are banned.

9. High demand for bags:

No matter how much expensive these bags are but the demand for alligator’s leather is still more. People will love to spend thousands of dollars only for a single bag. You can judge the need and importance of alligator leather with the demand of people. Fashion houses are often doing advance booking. So that people get these bags on time. Limited manufacturing is also a big reason for high demand.

The bag’s manufacturing is not as easy as people think. It will take a lot of manual and mechanical work as well as time and money. The different colors are also available with a shiny surface.