What is the crocodile

Crocodiles are reptiles larger in size and live in the fresh water, rivers, and lakes. Crocodiles can be found mostly in the tropic areas of America, Asia, and Australia. You can find almost 23 species of crocodiles and most of these species are endangered due to poaching. The skin of crocodiles is being appreciated highly in the fashion industry and is represented as the symbol of the people of high class. It is because the products which are being made by the skin of crocodile are expensive but are known as the best.


Saltwater crocodile

Some interesting facts about crocodiles which you must know

Following are some interesting facts about crocodiles, most of them you may do not know before:

  1.    Crocodiles have the ability to swim with the help of their tail at the speed of 25mph.
  2.    Farmed crocodiles can reach the length of approximately 1.5 meters within the duration of 1 year.
  3.    If you found a crocodile at the bank of a river or lake with an open mouth, do not worry. It is because the open mouth of a crocodile is not a sign of aggressiveness but it is their way of trying to cool off because crocodiles sweat through their mouths. Crocodiles may display more aggressiveness in the months of monsoon.
  4.    Each jaw of the crocodiles contains 24 teeth which are not meant for the process of chew actually but are actually for the process of grasp and crush. They swallow the stones to grind the eaten food inside their stomachs and to act as a ballast too.
  5.    Roundabout 99 percent of the crocodiles’ offspring are being eaten by the adult crocodiles, large fish, herons and monitor lizards in the first year of them after birth.
  6.    Crocodiles were appeared in the world about 240 million years ago and can live up to 80 years commonly.
  7.    Saltwater crocodiles are being considered as the biggest reptiles on the planet. It is because these crocodiles can grow up to 20 feet and 3 inches and the weight of these crocodiles can go up to 1 ton.
  8.    Although the common concept related to the crocodiles is that they are larger in size but actually there exist some small sized crocodiles too on the earth which are known as dwarf crocodiles. This dwarf crocodile has a medium length of 4.9 ft means 1.5 meters approximately and the maximum length of the dwarf crocodiles which has been recorded is 6.2ft means 1.9 meters approximately.
  9.    Although crocodiles are being classified as reptiles but actually crocodiles are mostly related to the birds and dinosaurs as compared to the most animals which are being classified as reptiles.
  10.    The very first crocodile appeared when the dinosaurs appeared for the first time. And it is being said that the ancestors of crocodiles were much bigger in size than the crocodiles we can find at the present time.

It is legal in different areas to hunt the crocodile. The skin of crocodile is very rare and is used in the manufacturing of different products.