About Stingray Leather

For centuries, leather has been used for a variety of purposes, using it for manufacturing leather fashion products have been on the rise. Stingray today is considered to be durable and flexible for a number of purposes, it is also processed to develop a variety of products. It is always given value due to its beauty as well as durability. The uniqueness of the leather cannot be underestimated because it is one of its types and no other skin can be compared to it. Here is some information about the stingray that will enable you to know the importance of this beauty.

Stingray Leather

History of stingray leather:

Since many ages, it has been used by many civilizations and for many items which include furniture, sword handles, armor, shoes, and wallets. Stingray gained popularity from Asia to North America during a span of time.

  1. Japanese usage:

Japan was the first to give this exotic leather its desired value. The samurai world of Japan used this skin for armor because it consists of magnificent strength. The strengths of this skin are estimated by is the ability to not to get punctured, torn or burned. Another characteristic of the skin is that it is waterproof. The Japanese used the skin to make handles of the tools and also swords. The skin provided a comfortable grip over the tools that lasted for the entire warfare. Besides being strong, stingray leather is beautiful and luxurious.

  1. Egyptian usage:

In Egypt, the craftsmen and artists considered the stingray leather to be of extreme importance. It was considered strong, unique and beautiful. The Egyptians used this skin for armors as well as personal belongings. It was also found in the tombs of the pharaoh. They believed that it was a symbol of prosperity and good luck and will bring power and strength. The dorsal fin bone of the stingray is nature’s miracle because it is a gorgeous marking that other skins do not have. It is considered a cluster of pearls. The Egyptian consider the mark as the symbol of wealth and that it brings good fortune for any person who possesses it.

  1. French Usage:

Lois XV in France during the 1700s had many items that were made by the beautiful and exotic leather. Wig cases, snuff boxes, and sheaths are some of those items. The leather was chosen for its bead-like feel and appearance. Since these items are heavily abused, therefore the stingray is considered best for it due to the durability of this skin.

  1. English usage:

The popular English artisan, who is John Paul Cooper, from 1899 to 1933, had a studio in London that manufactured various items nearly about 100 that were disguised with stingray leather. Items like vases, frames, candlesticks and decorative boxes were made in the studio.

Features of stingray leather:

Not only this leather has a unique look but it also provides some extraordinary features, many of which are explained here:

  1. Lightweight and strong:

The stingray skin is considered to be 25 times stronger than the cowhide. The skin is also extremely strong and durable, its strength leads to the resistance of being punctured or torn. The stingray has a unique texture which makes it look like pearl beaded. Apart from these features, the stingray is also very lightweight.

  1. Size and availability:

The most common sized stingray skin used for production is 11-inch skin. Whereas 15 inch is the largest size that can be used in production but a stingray is rarely caught that yields a 15-inch skin. About only 5% of the stingrays provide this large skin.

  1. Finishes and Grading:

There are bumps and beads in the caviar finish stingrays that are not changed from nature. The stingray skins have a calcium deposit which is represented as a white eye or crown which is diamond shaped and is available at the middle of the skin. As the stingray skins have two-breathing holes at the upper side of the skin, therefore, it is not considered for grading. The grading is done only below the two breathing holes and the area between them is also not considered for grading. The skins are always measured from the widest area available.

Most luxurious products including the furniture or wall coverings are made from polished or sanded stingray skins which are referred to as shagreen. The sanding of the stingray sins increases its prices to 30% because most of the skins are not suitable for sanding and are discarded or graded down.

  1. The white eye:

The skin of the stingray fish is very unique as it is made of substrate leather and a cluster of beads that protects it from the predators. Since the beads are made of calcium therefore when the skin is processed the calcium becomes dry and very hard which forms a white eye over the skin. This is the distinctive feature that makes this skin so desirable, due to this fact it was also used as armors and grips.

  1. Uneven surface:

Another important characteristic of stingray leather is that it is uneven. The part of the stingray where the nodules of the dorsal rim were is higher than the rest of the leather, therefore, this is is more abrasive than the other part of the leather, and it reveals the whitish-grey color of the calcium beads when the surface dye wears off.

Stingray skin today:

Today the stingray skin is used for a variety of purposes because it can be given any color and treated with a number of finishes. It makes beautiful products that can be passed through generations due to its durability. The common products made from stingray skins are briefcases, handbags, wallets, belts and many more.

Because the world is abundant with the species of the stingrays so you do not endanger it by purchasing stingray leather products. Both saltwater and freshwater species of stingrays are available and none of them is endangered in fact they are also considered as primary food in the Pacific Rim.