Advantages and Disadvantages of Bags with Crocodile Leather

Crocodile leather is a unique type of material that is becoming very popular in the fashion industry especially in the designer bag and shoe community. The super classy and expensive material derived from crocodiles. If you are a fashionista that you are surely in love with theses exotic bags and want to add this handbag into your cupboard, here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider before making your purchase.

Red Crocodile Leather Bag


  1. These bags provide you exceptional look. If you have knowledge of real crocodile leather then you would definitely know that these bags look alike, it’s very hard to identify a real one. The final product is a promising unique pattern of its own. This bag gives a luxuries look and reflects the high sense of fashion and quality.
  2. It is very difficult to get this material because of the high price that a new producer can’t afford it. You are indirectly joining this exclusive club after purchasing this exotic bag from any of fashion house. This is like mentally satisfaction that we are added to such club but the making of these bags from live crocodile to the final shape of your bag is not as easy as it seems. People like different kinds of crazy things around them. These bags are one of their kinds because of its durability. That is why people think having these bags is a symbol of high status. By this thought, you can judge the importance of these bags.

But not all things come only with advantages, there are few disadvantages of crocodile leather bags that you have need to know before going to purchase this expensive bag because you are going to spend a big amount to buy it.

Black Crocodile Leather Bag


  1. As we know that it is very difficult to get a crocodile leather because fashion industries are waiting to get the leather of their demand. They all waited for this from long enough time to make their line of bags with this leather. So you have to do long wait before getting the bag of your choice because it’s a limited leather supply.
  2. Not only these bags are limited but also very expensive only elites are able to afford it. It is many times expensive than a bag of cow leather. The average cost of this bag calculated into 6 digit range that is huge. Price is also depending on the fashion line and season too.
  3. It is really heartbreaking that you know about this leather type and still wanted it means you are supporting thousands of animal killing to fulfill your demand. You can buy bags of different stuff to why only need to buy animal leather?

You must keep in your mind the advantages and disadvantages of buying this kind of bag because your decision can save many animal lives. Excess hunt of this crocodile now classified them endanger species. Animal rights agencies are often active to stop this killing.