Which is a more expensive crocodile skin or alligator skin

American alligator has nicer skin that consists of more balanced scale designs. These designs are drawn with thicker and even softer skin. Because of its smoothness and three-dimensional characteristics, alligators are different from the average crocodile skin. American alligator skin is gradually costly and is desirable after fresh material of the most important manufacturers of expensive goods. The Nile and saltwater crocodiles from Australia are famous for the rare top quality skin of their as compare to an alligator.

However, alligator leather is a premier extravagance option in leather because having exotic and exclusive quality. While crocodile leather is another pure leather option; however, it is reasoned a lower mark in the grade of luxury and also finesse when I come to compare with alligator leather. This difference is gradual shows in the cost of the two types. The premium quality products are made by alligator leather as other products of crocodiles are.

Although alligator and crocodile are two different animals both of them belong to the same reptile family. But here are some types that produced expensive and high-quality leather.

  1. American Alligator
  2. Saltwater crocodile
  3. Freshwater crocodile
  4. Caiman

It is very important for a buyer to understand the major differences between these two types of reptiles. Only experts can identify the difference and after this, you look reasonable to pay a handsome amount to buy this luxury leather.

There are some scales to identify alligator or crocodile and it depends on specific physical properties of each animal. This will helps a buyer to recognize these two types along with a fine degree of assurance and after becoming an expert in crocodilian leather. These are as follow:

Alligator Skin

Alligator Skin

Alligator Scar:

Both animals have umbilical scars on them but in a different pattern style. For example, an alligator, these umbilical scars are in an extended webbed pattern that snuggled between the quick recognizable with its specific rectangular tiles on the skin. While scars on crocodile are simpler, are not located everywhere like an alligator. This pattern is a specialty of alligators; the presence of it can conclusively create the authenticity of a leather sample. Because it designers take much care of it while using and making designs.

BacK Horns:

The crocodile has a lot of small horns on his bumps; a professional can figure out that they are naturally fixed in a row which is different in all animals. An alligator having 2 rows along with 2 horns each and a crocodile have 2 rows along with 4 and 2 horns each.

Tile Patterns:

Both reptiles have a different pattern of tiles like alligators have tiles that are less uninformed and have natural scars as compared to crocodile having more uniform and complex patter.

Alligators are much expensive than a crocodile in America. There are many reasons for it but the most important is that crocodile skin is actually not pure crocodile because most of the crocodile have bony plates that make them less valuable.