Apple Watch Band Size: Choose The Right One For Your Wrist

There are lots of watch lovers in this world that used to wear the Apple watch due to its elegant look and better quality factor. These watches are much expensive so that a common person can not buy them. Although, a person that purchases these watches also make a great financial move. In this regard, if he realizes after coming home that the strip of his Apple watch is not fitting in his wrist, then he has to pay more cost to change the strip, which is also not easy. That’s why it is very important to completely determine the actual size of your wrist and the Apple watch band size.

Here we are going to describe the major key points that how to choose the right Apple watch for your wrist:

Apple Watch Band 40mm

Apple Watch Band 40mm

1. Measure your wrist

The first thing to choose the right Apple wrist watch band size is to measure the size of your wrist. You should be sure about the actual size of your wrist, otherwise, you will be unable to choose the right size of your Apple wrist watch band.

While, to measure the accurate size your wrist, you can use an inching tape and also different relevant standards. You can also use a US paper currency as your measuring scale and also different other things as your measuring parameters.

2. Watch Case Diameter

The second main thing that should be considered while choosing the right size band for your Apple wrist watch is to carefully determine the case diameter. The casual men’s watches have the range from 38mm to 46mm. The size that falls above form this parameter will be too large and it usually suites with the flashy or rakish outfits. The size that falls below these parameters lean towards jewelry and it is very suitable for women. That’s why you should choose in between these parameters according to the size of your wrist.

Apple Watch Band 44mm

Apple Watch Band 44mm

3. Watch Case Thickness

The watch case thickness also effects upon the case diameter. As we know that different Apple watches have different case thickness. That’s why it is very important to carefully determine the watch case thickness.

The simple rule that implies on the measurement of apple watch band size that according to these parameters is that as the diameter increases or decreases, the thickness also increases or decreases as well. It is also standardized that the diameter between 38mm to 42mm has the thickness of 7mm. when you go to the 44mm, the thickness increases to 9mm. So, to choose the right watch band size, you have to add up these parameters into your calculations.

4. Watch band size

The final step to choose the right watch band size is to measure the band size of your watch. Sometimes it happens that the band sizes differ from the above standards. You don’t only depend upon the above parameters, also measure the watch band size carefully.

So, consider the above parameters to choose the right band size for your wrist. If you want to get better outcomes without so many measurements, you should go with OURRUO’s alligator apple watch bands. They offer more flexibility in band sizes and you will get the right one without any kind of effort.