What is The American Alligator

Alligators are one of the ancient species of animals that survived over 37 million years. There are mostly two types of alligators origins are famous nowadays. One is American and the other one is Chinese. The American alligator species is known as Mississippiensis while Chinese alligators are known as Sinensis. There are two more alligator types available in this world named as Olsen and Mefferd.

American Alligator

Identifying An American Alligator Via Its Physical Anatomy:

If we compare all the species together, American alligators or Mississippiensis are more famous. These vary from other species in terms of growth rate, diet, and climate. To identify an American alligator,

  • First, you have to see at its jaw as the upper jaws cover the lower ones totally when the mouth is closed and teeth fit in the hollows.
  • Secondly, the color of Mississippiensis could be olive, gray, brown, or black however the lower side is always cream-colored.
  • Thirdly, an American alligator is largest in size of all.
  • Some captivated sub-species of Mississippiensis have also introduced named as gene and melanin. These species are sensitive to sunshine and aren’t found so easily.

Origins Where Mississippiensis or American Alligator can Be Found:

Apart from the rare species like gene and melanin, American alligators can be found in the wild jungles of Southeastern United States, Virginia State, North Carolina, Florida, Taxes, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. These alligators are kept in swamps, parks, and widely in the wilds. People come from across the world to see these alligators. These alligators are kept under observation and people can see them only from glass windows as they can dangerously attack the tourists.

American Alligators Are Famous Of All:

American alligators are famous and most demanded alligators in the world because their skin is widely used in fashion products. Why designer prefers American Alligator Skins for their products, here are some reasons:

1. American Alligator Skin is Tough and Strong:

The skin of an American alligator is very tough against the weather. It doesn’t get torn easily neither it tears up or lose colors immediately. It takes many years for a product made through Mississippiensis to lose its quality appearance. This is the reason when it comes to making tough boots and strong products, designers prefer American alligator skin.

2. American Alligator Skin is Naturally Available in Voluminous Colors:

When you have American alligator with you, they are naturally found in colors like grey, green, red, brown, and grey. These colors are considered the idea for fashion products. Contrary to this, the skin of a non-American alligator is only available in green. So, to get color variations in the products, famous brands and designers prefer skin of this alligator.

3. American Alligator Skin Has Amazing Patterns and Is Easy To Mold:

Well, although American Alligator skin is tougher but still when it comes to shaping it, it is easy however with specific tools and machines. Along with this, patterns naturally found on the skin of a Mississippiensis are enriched with classy patterns that we found in no other species.

These were some interesting facts about the American alligators.