Interesting Facts About Python Skin Bag

The fashion industry is growing very fast and it also introduces new trends often. But some trends are never outdated because of a specific and unique type of stuff and making. For example, animal skins are always in fashion. People use to spend thousands of dollars to buy a single piece of their choice. Many animals like alligators, crocodiles, cow, and snakes etc use to make different things. Though it’s illegal to harvest snakes and use them in any production because of their large number of killing only for production. Many fashion houses have their own farms, where they grow their python in a healthy atmosphere and at the end, they kill them to get fine skin.

Some interesting facts about python:

Python Skin Bag

Python Skin Bag

Pythons are mainly live in Asia. East India and another continent like Africa and Australia also their home. They have different types that are used to make a different type of bags and shoes. Let’s talk about python’s unique facts and why people like python bags:

1. Unique skin and size:

Python has a durable and flexible skin that comes in different sizes. The average size of python can be 1.5 meters extended and 25 cm in wide-ranging. But on the other hand, some pythons of Africa and another region can be raised up to 6.5 meters long and their width is around 60 cm, this size is used to make plus-size bags that are rare and few in manufacturing. Their skin comes in many colors that are used to fulfill the requirement of the need for variety and different exotic colors.

2. The flexibility of python skin is unbelievable:

The skin of the python is very tight and strong. But once makers apply some vegetable solution on it, it will become very faxable and easy to transform in any shape and design. The skin printed with a natural pattern that attracts anybody towards it.

Python Skin Handbag

Python Skin Handbag

3. It comes with both Shiny and matt version:

The shiny skin is very important for bags because some other animal skin is not shiny so the maker needs to polish the skin. But pythons have different kinds and one of them has matt skin type that is used in different things like sofa, bedding and many more.

4. The price of Python bag/products:

The price of python depends on its size and availability. Some small bags have a high price because of extra finish and design and some plus-size bags are cheap then the short one. So the price is not the same, it fluctuates from time to time.

Python is specie of snake that lives in rough humid areas that have a large number of rainfalls and the area is 80% consist of forests. Unlike other snakes, this species swims and also climbs very well. The most famous and highly traded pythons are from south-Asia. The Indian python has the largest size of 30 feet that is huge. But the massive Anaconda of South America is lengthier.