Why Samsung Galaxy Fold Better Than Huawei Mate X

In this age of science and technology, Smartphones make life easier and comfortable. In practical life, mobile phones are playing an important role because the smartphone brings a new revolution in the way of technology. Now, your mobile is your personal computer and entertainment zone. From morning to night, your mobile has all the feature and facilities that you need for the whole day. All official documents, business dealing, and other business work are often done by smartphones. The storage of the phones makes them more reliable and efficient for saving different files and pictures etc.

Some phones have excellent performance with the heavy processor but few are not working properly because of low storage and heavy applications. Many mobiles are failed because of low performance. As time passes, new technologies bring a marvelous change in mobile phone features. You can get a fully loaded and organized phone with cheap price. That is why now the options are more than the past.

Many mobile companies are producing smartphones with advanced features. Every time, when they launching a new model that carry new feature and advancement. Few companies are often taking superior place in the race of quality and technology. People are selecting a smartphone with specific features and characteristics. They want something new at any new launch. If they get disappointed than your brand’s goodwill may get damage because the customer is the one, who will make your product a brand or not.

Huawei and Samsung are one of the race members that are running forward very fast. Here we are going to start their brief comparison with each other and find out, which one is better than others.

Huawei Mate X VS Samsung Galaxy Fold:

The comparison of these ultra-advanced devices will take place under the main present features.

1. Display:

SAMSUNG Galaxy Fold

SAMSUNG Galaxy Fold

Samsung: It’s a first generation smartphone. The Galaxy fold has a display of 7.2 inches and if you fold the phone or you don’t need it, you can hide it naturally by folding it and protect the display. These features keep the privacy of your usage and provide protection. The device close like a wallet or book that keeps the device safe and the outer screen is enough to perform the average tasks like texting, taking a picture or make a phone call. When you want to use the mob for internet browsing or want to play a game, its full display is enough to give you full satisfaction of usage. The inner-folding facility keeps it safe from scratches and other touch issues. Samsung has a notch on the screen that makes easy to capture your image and well-scan it.

Huawei Mate X

Huawei Mate X

Huawei: The Huawei Mate X has a display of 8 inches. In this phone, even you fold the phone but the display will uncover continuously. So, it’s not protected and fully exposed. The outer folding option keeps the main display open that is why you cannot hide anything in case of shutting or folding the phone. In this phone, the outer-folding option cannot save your display from cracking. The Huawei Mate X is full-screen display without any notch on the screen.

2. Performance tools and extra features:

Samsung: It has android of 9.0 and the processor is Octa-core. The RAM is of 12GB and given the storage of 512 GB. The battery has 4380mAh. Galaxy Fold has 5G bands. It also has a side Fingerprint reader. The phone has Gorilla Glass phone Panel. The phone is not having water-resistance.

Huawei: Mate X also has the same Android 9.0 platform with the fast Octa-core processor. The RAM is used in this device is of 8GB and giving the storage of 512 GB. The Mate X has a 4500mAh battery. Mate X also has 5G bands. This phone also has a side Fingerprint reader. Mate X is not a water-resistance phone.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold

3. Camera:

Samsung: It has six cameras in total, three cameras on the back and the main camera is of 12 Mega Pixels. The new wide angle is also carrying 16 Mega Pixels that is enough to show a clear visual after zoom-in.

Huawei: Mate X has three cameras in total with the main camera is of 40 Mega Pixels. The wide angle is the same as Samsung has 16 Mega-Pixel zoom-in facilities.

4. Colors:

Samsung: Samsung is famous for introducing new and exciting color phone. In this model, you can get the new and amazing color like, Astro Blue, Cosmos Black, Space Silver, and Martian Green is the color which is available soon. You can see the other companies have regular colors but Samsung never failed to surprise their audience in terms of introducing new skin colors.

Huawei: On the other hand, Mate X has only one color that is Interstellar Blue. This phone has only one color right now but has a dynamic finish that makes it attractive.

5. Price of both devices:

Samsung: The Galaxy Fold is of 2000$

Huawei: The Mate X is of 2600$ and it’s more expensive than Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Mate X

Mate X


Samsung is better in terms of the display because it has safety features and also the inner-side folding is keeping it safe from damage. On the other hand, Huawei Mate X is an outer- folding system that makes it unable to keep the privacy on. The 5G bands provide both of them extra fast internet speed. The processors are different in both but the performance and storage are almost the same in both devices. Both have long battery timing as compare to previous smartphones. The cameras are the main point of discussions here because these both phones are taking 3 to 6 cameras respectively.

The availability of mobile colors is quite different. Samsung has four new colors with the extra finish but Huawei offers only one color. Moreover, the Huawei is an expense as compared to Samsung.


My personal recommendation is Samsung Galaxy Fold with all amazing features as compare to Huawei Mate X.