Crocodile Skins vs Python Skins for Exotic Handbags

From ancient times, animal skin has been used for many purposes. People wear the skin to keep the body temperature normal and warm, they also use skin shoes. Since now, the legacy transfer from one generation to another. Animal skin is still using in many ways but the only difference is now its price. Animal skin leather is very expensive.

The most expensive skin leathers are crocodile, alligator, python, and stingray etc and this list is very long. These animal produce expensive skin that later converts into exotic leather. The procedure is lengthy and very sensitive. Extra effort and hard work required in the leather making process. After the leather making, the main task will start. The handbag making process is also very sensitive because it requires expertise and proficiency.

The crocodile leather is considered as the best and more demanding among all leather but in the market, it also has a rival, the python leather. Though, the market is also carrying the fake skin of both skin types but the original skin is easily identified because of its unique pattern and design that cannot be copied.

Crocodile Skin Handbag

Crocodile Skin Handbag

Comparison between crocodile skins and python skin:

Here, we will do a brief comparison between these both luxurious and exotic leather types.

1. Comparing the Size of the Handbags:

The very large panels are requiring for a handbag. It does require professional skills to make a single handbag with the large panel. The lower skin is not useable but the whole size of a single panel is enough to produce a large bag.

i. Size:

Both skins types are flexible enough too broad a size of the bag. The flexibility of the skin is because of the outer layer of python is slightly soft that is why the touch of the surface of the bag is very smooth. On the other hand, the crocodile skin is hard than python but not flexible.

The pliability of the skin, make easy to transform a panel into any shape and size. There is no need to cut the raw skin into different panel because crocodile and python skins are already very large.

ii. Length:

If we discuss the length, the size of the crocodile skin depends on the species of it. For example, the common use caiman crocodile is hardly large up to 6 feet but the American and Nile are the largest with the length of 14 feet.

The python has a maximum length of 5.5 to 6.5 meters long and the width about 60 cm. this length is enough to produce multiple bags with the single panel but the smallest size of a python will be of 1.5 meters and this size is not useable in any production.

The crocodile hides are more in demand than a python because of the availability.

iii. Level of Rigidness:

The rigidness of the skin is also depending on the skin type of the specific species of the crocodile. The cause of rigidness is the calcium content of the skin. The caiman has bony skin and has less flexibility.

The skin of the Nile crocodile and the American alligator skin taking the middle rank, the calcium quantity in their skin is not much as compared to caiman crocodile. The American crocodile is not having any bony skin and also flexible as compare to other crocodile species like Caiman and Nile respectively.

2. Comparing Appearance:

One can easily identify the skin of python and crocodile from other general types of hides. The big scale of the crocodile will create a different and clean look that turns into high-fashion accessories.

On the other hand, the skin of the Python has much lesser and more complicated scales that associated with the broad plates of crocodile skin. Yet, both of these hides are also usually featured complex natural patterns and colorful designs that can capture attention anywhere the accessories go.

The designers choose the unbleached python skin leather because of its unique style of marking that create a different and beautiful pattern. The bleached skin of the python is also available in the market but the unbleached is more famous and attractive.

Python skin handbags

Python skin handbags

3. Comparing the colors:

The crocodile skin leather handbags are also available in many colors but the leather is tinted with different color before producing any handbag or other accessories.

The python has its own beautiful colors and designs. They don’t need any tint or artificial color to produce different varieties of bags.

4.  Comparing the prices:

Crocodile skin bags are very expensive. Their estimated least price is around $3000 and the highest reaches to the $150,000. You can see the prices that are starting from hundreds to a million dollars and that is huge. Its price determines how luxury and exotic these handbags will be.

As compare to crocodile handbags, python handbags are also very expensive with the least price starting from $200 to $1600. If you visit the market of exotic leather, you will see the price difference to an exotic crocodile skin to an average cow skin bags. The crocodile handbags are taking the first place by all means, from excellent and luxurious quality to expensive brand price.


Crocodile and python skins are undoubtedly a classy choice of anyone. Both have different specialties. If, we compare their appearance with each other than both have their own identification. The only main difference is coming with the price. Python is comparatively less expensive than crocodile skin leather handbag. The different colors and sizes are also available in both hides. Crocodile has extra-large bag size but python doesn’t have but the clutches of the skin of python are more beautiful.

The crocodile and python both have their own unique pattern and designs that are eye-catchy. That is why people are agreeing and love to spend money to buy these expensive an exotic handbag.